Are you looking for something a little unique to add to your ceremony? Do you and your person love to laugh, joke and/or play some pranks on each other? Then this ceremony is for you.

We write your loving, romantic, beautiful ceremony but sneak in a comic relief and/or prank into the ceremony, to give your ceremony, guests and you a laugh or two. It's the best of both worlds.

Laughter and love are two of the best remedies to life's stressors, why not, right? Who doesn't love to laugh...However, it will not take away from the love you share as a couple on this memorable day, it will only add to it.

Give us a call to discuss your unique love and laughter ideas and we will put together the ceremony just for you as a couple.

NOTE: This actually includes a 2nd person, my colleague who would appear to perform the comic relief, along with assistance from the officiant!

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