Get documents notarized from your home, office, car or virtually anywhere.

Get documents notarized from your home, office, car or virtually anywhere.

The legal definition of Remote Online Notarization is the notarization of a signature using an approved platform that allows the Notary and the signer to appear before each other at the time of the notarization using secure audio-visual technology over the internet.

Simply put, Remote Online Notarization is the notarization of documents using video conferencing software similar to Zoom or Skype. The basic premise is that two individuals can meet via the internet and electronically sign and notarize a document.

RON began in 2011 when Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed a bill into law allowing Notaries in the state of Virginia to complete notarizations online for people around the world. Governor McDonnell had the foresight to know that this new technology was the future for the notarial process. Since then, nearly all states have adopted a version of RON legislation into law.

It has been a daunting process to adopt, but the world is not moving backward. Remote Online Notarization is here to stay.

With advancements in technology occurring every day, it is only a matter of time before all industries adopt this form of notarization as the industry standard.

You can familiarize yourself with one of the platforms we use by going to Its very secure, simple and smooth process. The notary will ask you to send your documents via email in order to prepare them, ask that you have proper, unexpired ID and send you an invite via email, you will accept the invite either from your home computer, laptop, tablet or even your cell phone. You will show ID and answer a few verification questions, meet online with your notary, they will have the document marked for you to sign, they will implement the quick oath just assuring you are aware of what you are signing and of your own free will, they will sign and stamp, the documents will download for your convenience to save or print and the notarization is then complete.

This is very helpful for people in a hospital, nursing home or just someone who isn't mobile at the moment.

It's also a simple convenience for folks who just don't have the time to wait for or go to a notary.

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