Apostille Services

Apostille Services

Do you need documents sent to a different country?

Apostilles explained:

Basically, an apostille confirms to the document’s recipient that the individual who notarized the document had a valid commission at the time the document was notarized. Without an apostille attached, a document sent between countries must go through a much lengthier authentication process by several different agencies in order to be accepted.
Typically the Secretary of State’s office or other Notary-regulating agency — is authorized to issue apostilles.
If an apostille is needed, it will need to be submitted to the appropriate authority, usually the secretary of state where the origin of the document is located. 

However, There are exceptions, if the country of intended use participates in the 1961 Hague convention, then it can be Apostilled and returned, if it does not participate, it will need to be certified or authenticated by the dept of state for legalization. Notaries can handle this process for you.

We at Pride Notary and weddings can help you complete the entire process professionally, efficiently and correctly.

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