Remote Online Notary

Remote Online Notary

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, clients are able to have their important documents notarized online, right from the comfort of their own home.

It's a very simple process. Once the client makes contact with the notary, they can email over their paperwork in order for the notary to review and prepare on the remote online platform, the notary will then send the client an invite via email, the client will accept the invite and follow the steps through the online platform, which includes identification, (will need ID) and the client will be asked personal questions to complete the identification process. Once these steps are completed, the client and the notary will be brought together through the platform and web cam to proceed with the notarization and any oaths required, both parties will sign the documents, the notary will seal it with their authorized stamp, once complete, the remote session will end and the documents will be downloaded for the client to send or print.

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