LSA-Loan signing Agent

LSA-Loan signing Agent

Many people do not know the term " Loan signing agent", they are still referred to as notaries, however, I am here to explain. Loan signing agent's are for specialized services that handle loan documents. Loan signing agents are trained in this specific field of notary and background checked because they handle clients sensitive information. You will see some examples of these documents below. LSA'S work hand and hand with title and mortgage industries, real estate agents, lawyers and other entities that require this specialized service. LSA'S will go through the documents with the client, assure that all signatures and initials are applied in the proper areas and deliver/mail the documents to the proper entity for processing. We value and understand the time sensitivity of loan documents, especially for buying or selling your home. We are here to help you through the entire process, although we are not attorneys and do not give legal advice, we can assure any questions we can not answer, get answered quickly by the attorney and/or company handling your loan. You can trust your most delicate notary needs with us!

Examples of loan documents:



Reverse Mortgage

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