The people behind Pride weddings

The people behind Pride weddings

We marry everyone under the rainbow!

By the sea, in the park, at your favorite restaurant, your community church, your back yard or living room. Any venue you choose, we will be there!

We come from a vast, diverse array of backgrounds, which has blessed us with the best qualities life can give a human being. These qualities, such as, empathy, compassion, patience, kindness, the knowledge that life is short and precious, meant to be lived to it's fullest extent and the one true way to do that is to love and be loved. We understand whole heartedly how important it is when you give yourself to another in the commitment of marriage, we understand, its not just a ring or a piece of paper, it's 2 hearts, 2 souls becoming one on an everlasting journey. With this understanding and being hopeless romantics, we make your day as memorable and special as it can be. It's your day, Your way!

Love today and beyond!

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