The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for 2023 Couples

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for 2023 Couples

Posted on July 24th, 2023

As we head into the heart of the 2023 wedding season, couples everywhere are starting their wedding planning journey. 

It can be overwhelming with so many tasks and decisions. 

That's why we've crafted the ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist to guide you every step of the way. 

This guide, packed with tips and advice from the experts at Pride Notary & Wedding Services, will help ensure your wedding day is nothing short of perfect.

The Comprehensive Checklist for Couples in 2023

12 Months Out

1. Vision and Budget: Start by identifying your wedding vision. Think about the style, size, and location of your wedding. Afterward, establish your budget.

2. Draft a Guest List: It doesn't have to be final, but having an estimate will guide your venue search.

3. Book Your Venue: Venues get booked fast, especially in popular areas like Naples, Marco Island, and Fort Myers.

4. Choose Your Wedding Party: Identify those friends or family members you want beside you on your big day.

5. Hire Key Vendors: Begin the process of hiring important vendors such as a wedding officiant, caterer, photographer, and DJ.

6 Months Out

1. Send Save-The-Dates: Let your guests know the date and location of your wedding.

2. Shop for Wedding Attire: Purchase your wedding gown, suit, or tuxedo, and arrange for any necessary alterations.

3. Plan Your Honeymoon: Book flights and accommodations early to get the best deals.

4. Book Additional Vendors: Think florist, cake baker, and decorator.

3 Months Out

1. Send Wedding Invitations: It's time to formally invite your guests.

2. Purchase Wedding Rings: Find the perfect rings that symbolize your love.

3. Finalize Menu and Flowers: Ensure these align with your wedding theme and season.

1 Month Out

1. Create a Day-Of Timeline: Detail the sequence of events and share with your vendors.

2. Finalize Seating Chart: Know who will sit where during the reception.

3. Obtain Marriage License: Check the regulations in your state to ensure you're legally set.

Week of the Wedding

1. Pack for the Honeymoon: You don't want to leave this for the last minute.

2. Final Vendor Payments: Pay all remaining vendor balances.

3. Relax and Enjoy: You've planned well. Now, it's time to enjoy your special day!

Tips and Advice From Pride Notary & Wedding Services

As a trusted provider of wedding ceremony services in SWFL, we've gathered some valuable tips to make your planning process smoother:

  1. Prioritize Your Needs: Identify what's most important to you (venue, food, music, etc.) and allocate your budget accordingly.
  2. Keep a Checklist: A simple wedding checklist can be a lifesaver, helping you stay organized and ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  3. Hire Professionals: From a wedding officiant to a caterer, professionals can alleviate much of the stress associated with wedding planning.
  4. Delegate: Assign tasks to your wedding party or family members. They're there to help!

Leverage Online Tools and Services

In today's digital world, there are numerous online tools and services designed to simplify wedding planning. For instance, at Pride Notary & Wedding Services, we offer Remote Online Notary services for clients who prefer the convenience of handling legal documents online.


Planning your wedding doesn't have to be stressful. With a comprehensive wedding planning checklist and professional guidance from the team at Pride Notary & Wedding Services, you're well on your way to creating the wedding day of your dreams.

If you're planning a wedding in Boca Grande, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, or anywhere else in the SWFL area, we're here to help. 

Reach out to us today at 863-449-3909 or email us at [email protected]. Let's start planning your dream wedding together!

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