"Six Reasons Your Law Firm Should Start Using Mobile Notaries "

"Six Reasons Your Law Firm Should Start Using Mobile Notaries "

In most instances, cases involving more legalities will necessitate the presence of a notary public. To find a notary near you and dodge potentially devastating lawsuits, consult a professional agency like Superior Notary Services that can send certified notaries directly to your door.

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of a mobile notary, you’ll need to, first, understand the intricacies of the mobile notary role. The role of a notary is rather straightforward. Briefly summarized, these professionals authenticate and witness the signings of essential transactions. Most of the time, these transactions include adoption papers, medical directives, mortgage documents, contracts, powers of attorney, and so much more.

Because mobile notaries handle high-profile documentation, they are a crucial part of any legal process. As defined in their role, mobile notaries must balance a number of obligations, making it challenging to contact and schedule a notary on such short notice. To avoid stumbling into a sticky situation that may devolve into a lawsuit, a mobile notary should assist you. This article will take an in-depth look at the undeniable pros of using a mobile notary at your law firm of employment.


Did you know that mobile notaries can be accessed whenever you need them? When you recruit the services of a notary public, your law firm will benefit from 24/7 support. For optimism’s sake, you might assume that you won't require mobile notary services during odd hours of the night. However, with an on-call mobile notary, you can rest assured that essential documents will be notarized, even in the case of unforeseen emergencies.

Understand that notary publics don't publicly advertise their services. This lack of advertising can pose a challenge for law firms in need of mobile notary services. 24/7 availability grants you peace of mind knowing you are fully covered at all times.

Speed of service

In some instances, you may find yourself waiting for long periods before the notary public arrives. With mobile mortuaries, however, you’ll receive same-day services. With instant results, your law firm will save money typically spent awaiting notary services for pressing matters. Remember, time is money. Don’t extend the process for longer than is required.

You can quickly schedule a notary public without facing annoying delays. Understand that using a mobile notary will save you a significant amount of time, thus ensuring that your law firm focuses on said pressing, urgent matters.


Hunting for a notary public can be a challenge for many law firms. The competition is quite stiff, as mobile notaries are quite limited. Most law firms find themselves in a compromising situation where they need to interrupt their entire day to search for a notary public.

Mobile notaries, on the other hand, come to you. They conform to your schedule and prioritize your convenience. With the assistance of a mobile notary, your law firm will no longer need to adjust its schedule around a notary public's availability.

No limitations

Hiring an accredited mobile notary guarantees that they’ll travel to your office, home, or any designated meeting place. Your firm will reap the benefits of having a notary public on-call that will visit any location specified and at any time. The lack of time and scheduling constraints lends to a priceless convenience factor.

Having a mobile notary ensures that your law firm can conduct business at any place and at any time. Not to mention, working without limitations significantly increases productivity. Your firm can quickly complete tasks and move on to the next item on your checklist. Scheduling conflicts can slow means of production, costing your law firm time and financial resources.

Save money

With a mobile notary, there are no inflated prices on the invoice. Using traditional public notaries can pose problems for law firms in terms of payment. Oftentimes, these notary publics will increase rates on their invoices at the last minute.

Mobile notaries only charge what is set by the Secretary of State. Because of these conveniences, such as onsite visits, a law firm should expect traveling fees. Though hiring a mobile notary will, initially, incur additional costs, your law firm will save a significant amount of money in the long run. Invest in a mobile notary to streamline notarization processes.


Although the ordinary notary public offers a sufficient level of privacy, mobile notaries will provide a higher level of confidentiality. That extra cushion of confidentiality protects all parties involved from the possibility of leaked information.

Notary publics deal with sensitive legal issues that unrelated third parties shouldn’t snoop around. Note that not every client will be comfortable with the idea of walking into a notary office. Many people are quickly learning the value of privacy due to the drastic technological advancements in the recent past that have exposed individuals to a more substantial risk of identity theft and hacked accounts.


A mobile notary offers a series of advantages to your law firm. Mobile notaries maintain the same values and standards as a traditional notary public while giving a law firm several added benefits. Each of the mobile notaries is compliant and certified to provide the required specialized services.

However, your law firm must locate suitable mobile notaries. Some of the qualities to look for include experience, professionalism, willingness to learn, attention to detail, and strong communication skills. Understand that you will need a mobile notary that shares your law firm’s core values and represents your team appropriately.

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